CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Overview

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP) helps organizations bring in continuous integration and continuous deployment - at an enterprise-scale - to their organizations. It is the convergence of the feature-sets of the {doc-url}/cje-user-guide/index.html[CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise] and {doc-url}/cjoc-user-guide/index.html[CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center] offerings.

CJP is available to customers in two offerings targeting distinct deployment types:

  • small/team-oriented (CJP Team Edition)
  • large/mission-critical (CJP Enterprise Edition)

Both deployment types include key enterprise features - previously delivered with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise - as well as the management and monitoring capabilities provided by CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center.

Figure 1. CloudBees Jenkins Platform


CloudBees Jenkins Platform Team Edition

CJP Team Edition is designed to bring continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to the masses by:

  • lowering the barriers to adoption of the enterprise Jenkins technology
  • enabling small development teams to accelerate their application delivery

CJP Team Edition includes these CloudBees-developed enterprise features designed to allow development teams to hit the ground running with CI and CD on top of the core open source Jenkins technology. The CJP Team Edition features are available as plugins packaged either with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise or CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center.

These features include:

Feature Description

Team Management

  • Organize teams with Folders in Jenkins
  • Use Wikitext descriptions for sharing Job info amongst team
  • Recover from failures using backups managed by Jenkins


  • Roles based access control on folders and jobs with the Role-based Access Control Plugin
  • Team-dedicated slave servers with Folders+


Build and Performance Dashboards with CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

Developer Productivity

  • Improved developer feedback loop and reduced downtimes due to bad commits with GitHub Pull Requests feature and Validated Merge
  • Maximize resource utilization by shared build resources between teams with CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

Continuous Delivery (Certified Open Source Plug-in)

Build complex delivery pipelines with the Pipeline plugin

Continuous Delivery with Containers (Certified Open Source Plugins)

  • Build delivery pipelines with the Docker Pipeline DSL plugin
  • Trigger pipelines with notifications from Docker Hub
  • Publish containers to Docker registries with the Build and Publish plugin
  • Gain end to end insight into pipeline failures with Docker Traceability

Docker Builds (Certified Open Source Plugins)

  • Custom build environments as Docker containers with the Docker Custom Build Environment plugin
  • Share standardized build environments across a cluster of masters with the Docker plugin and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • Share and customize standardized build environments with Docker Pipeline DSL

CloudBees Support Integration module (Certified Open Source Plug-in)

Direct channel to CloudBees Customer Engagement: enabling ease of support streamlining problem resolution.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Enterprise Edition

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform Enterprise Edition is designed to greatly help large organizations that want to run Jenkins at enterprise scale and with high efficiency.

The CJP Enterprise Edition includes all Team Edition features plus key features that enable organizations to run and manage Jenkins environments for CI and CD at enterprise scale. Key benefits of the CJP Enterprise Edition include:

  • Stability
  • Manageability
  • Performance optimization of Jenkins

The CJP Enterprise Edition includes the following CloudBees developed enterprise features on top of the core open source Jenkins platform:

Feature Description

All Team Edition Features

Includes all features delivered with Team Edition.

Jenkins Master Server and Build Resilience

  • Automatic failovers to recover from Master failures with the high availability feature
  • Quickly restart aborted builds on master recovery
  • Builds that survive master failures with Long Running Builds
  • Builds that survive master and slave failures with Pipeline (OSS)

Optimized Utilization

  • Utilize lightly loaded slaves with Even Scheduler
  • Faster builds across geographically dispersed slaves with Fast Archiver and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • Improved master performance under heavy load with NIO SSH slaves
  • Throttle builds during high loads with Label Throttle plugin

Enterprise Management

  • Automated maintenance on a cluster of masters with Cluster Ops
  • Manage team-specific plugins with Custom Update Center
  • Reuse Build/Job best practices with Job Templates
  • Slave management with Nodes plus and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

Enterprise Analytics

Insight into plugin usage on a master

Enterprise Continuous Delivery

  • Pipeline performance insights with Pipeline Stage View
  • Developer insights into commit journey through the pipeline with Pipeline Stage View
  • Restart builds from checkpointed locations on master and slave failures
  • Easier navigability across chained jobs

VMWare vSphere builds

vSphere slaves

Enterprise Security

Secure inter-master artifact exchange with Secure Copy

Pivotal CloudFoundry Edition

  • Automatically reconfigurable master and slave clusters
  • Integration with Pivotal Authentication provider with Pivotal UAA Authentication plugin
  • CloudFoundry CLI support with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry CLI
  • Pivotal RBAC Authorization plugin

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is available as part of the platform and brings enhanced functionality and integration to the open-source Jenkins core. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is designed to improve the performance of a Jenkins master and provides functionality for securing and making a master more resilient to failovers.

More information about CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise plugins is found {doc-url}/cje-user-guide/index.html[here].

CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center is a server that provides functionality for managing masters and slaves. Additionally, it:

  • shares a similar UI to the open-source Jenkins core
  • offers the ability to centrally manage all nodes in a Jenkins installation
  • automates the performance of routine maintenance tasks on Jenkins masters such as plugin and core updates

More information about CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center features can be found {doc-url}/cjoc-user-guide/introduction.html[here].

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Solution Packs

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform Solution Packs are a set of plugins that provide enhanced functionality to a CloudBees Jenkins Platform Enterprise Edition installation. Functionality is focused around granting additional integrations between Jenkins and a particular technology.

Amazon Web Services Solution Pack

  • Share elastic slaves across masters with EC2 Cloud Slaves plugin
  • Amazon CLI support in builds with AWS CLI plugin